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We provide two kinds of support packages for our software products. Pricing on request.

Fast Security Fixes (FSF)

Because software is a highly complex system, programs may have errors (bugs) which could lead to reduced security. As soon as a security related bug is identified, we will notice you about this problem, try to provide a workaround and deliver you a solution as soon as technically possible.

This support package is not specific to one software package but provided for all software we distribute and furthermore we will work out solutions for problems only indirectly related to our software.

Premium Developer Support (PDS)

Although that all our software comes with documentation, it is often necessary to get fast and precise answers to questions regarding the use of our software in your applications.

PDS provides your developers with all the knowledge needed. It is priced either per incident or per developer. Clients with a PDS contract will also be eligible for discounts on our consulting and development rates.