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This page is heavily out of date - please check out for latest info.

Crypto gateway GEAM   en

GEAM is a specialized mail transport agent (MTA) which takes care of encrypting all messages leaving your company. Encryption can be configured using flexible configuration files (similar to the mail aliases file). Incoming mail can optionally be decrypted when the decryption key has been installed. The software uses the PGP/MIME standard (RFC-3156) for handling the mail. Support for S/MIME can be done on request

GEAM is transparent to the user and can be used to make mail communication much more secure without the need for training all users. Migration to desktop based encryption can easily be done on a per user base.

A graphical user interface to ease the configuration can be provided on short notice.


GEAM tarballs are available at . The source code repository is at git://